We are "AL CHAM INDUSTRIAL & TRADING CO.' a family business reputed in Syria where we have been actively involved starting from 1955, and since then we had many diversified business activities in the Syrian market.
AL CHAM Company is depending on it's own very long term accumulating experience accompanied with it's constant, monitoring & following up the updated international technical developments.
Al-Cham Company employs over 90 people from technicians, engineers, highly qualified employees at least graduated with Bachelor degrees. In addition, we have three branches around the world; in Lebanon, Spain and Damascus.
Al Cham dedicates most of it operation to the tenders of public bodies, because of the good reputation, strong relations, and accumulated experience; administratively & technically.
Furthermore, we are representing very well known manufacturers from all over the world (Europe mainly) in our regional market, and satisfying the market with various kinds of products, in various domains.